CENTREX or PBX: The Impact of Internet Protocol

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Centrex or PBX?

Computer Networks. Part Six: The TCP/IP Protocol Stack and Routers

This service has proved most successful with small businesses that have from to users at a site. This is a development that we expect will be followed by other service providers, both large and small, as an alternative to the use of more powerful softswitches from the established Centrex manufacturers. Sylantro claimed to have sold systems with more than 10, user ports within the first year that its system was available. Tacqua Systems Tacqua Systems has created its OCX softswitch with class 5 capabilities, specifically so that CLECs can deliver local telecom services with significantly reduced initial and ongoing costs of ownership.

Tacqua delivers a kernel of telephony features, while encouraging other software developers to use its intelligent network IN , application programming interface API , and SIP interfaces. Labels: cisco systems , ip-centrex , sylantro systems , system.

CENTREX or PBX: The Impact of Internet Protocol

The EWSD is the most widely sold such system in the world, supplying million analog and digital ports. Siemens holds a distant third place in the North American market and is still a minor player in the Centrex field. Siemens intends to provide an end-to-end IP-Centrex solution through a combination of its own technology and vendor partnerships, as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3. In mid, Siemens sold its controlling share in Unisphere to Juniper Networks and is no longer directly involved in the data router and switch market. However, since Siemens' IP phones work to open standards, the customer and service provider could use any standards-based router. The Broadworks package can be deployed in a totally packet-based architecture such as full IP-Centrex or work as an extension of a preexisting class 5 switch.

The system can support more than 1 million customers per network and process up to 6 million BHCA, based on a cluster of Sun computers, divided into the three classes of application, media, and network servers. This software enables service providers to manage a nationwide IP-Centrex system centrally, delivering a uniform service to distributed enterprises and optimizing network management resources.

The Broadworks package provides Web portals for five types of service management: - Service providers with complete system administration capabilities; - Resellers that can create and manage their own groups of customers, under contract with the service provider; - Enterprise administrators with access for configuration and management of multilocation dialing plans, for specific organizations: - Group administrators, within one enterprise, that can perform modification, addition, and deletion of features and users; - End users within a calling group that can personalize calling services and features.

Labels: ip-centrex , Siemens ICN , system. Nortel Networks is the world's largest vendor of Centrex systems and has been responsible for most of the development of these services outside North America over the past decade. There are nearly million lines on Nortel's DMS switches worldwide and of these well over 10 million are for Centrex.

Nortel has announced a family of softswitches under the name of Succession, based on Sun computing platforms. Figure 4 : Centrex IP for extended service reach. Reproduced with the permission of Nortel Networks. This is the first product set to be released under Telstra's Next Generation Telephony project, but the actual start-up date for this service was not announced. Labels: ip-centrex , nortel networks , system. Lucent Technologies is the second-largest supplier of Centrex systems, based on its 5ESS digital central office, which has been installed in a number of countries.

Lucent made an early start in with its iCentrex product, which is based on the iMerge gateway, extending Centrex over IP and wireless networks. The iCentrex solution is actually switch independent and could work with other vendors' central offices.

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This product allows for the use of a mobile phone with Centrex dialing and other features when the user is in the Centrex service area. Sharing one voice mailbox between wireless and wireline Centrex services is also possible, with more than 1, wireless handsets feasible in one building. Lucent identifies the benefits of worldwide IP-Centrex as including a single dialing plan and uniform telephone system at all locations, including mobile and at-home workers, as well as branch plants or offices.

IMerge enables a customer to be freed from service area boundaries with the delivery of existing Centrex and new services across a packet network. Based on the encouraging results from field trials of Lucent's iMerge product SBC Communications launched commercial IP-Centrex service in September , starting with availability in five major cities across the United States.

SBC claimed that it was the first major carrier to bring these new IP-Centrex capabilities to the market. Labels: ip-centrex , lucent technologies , system.

Change is now!

Ericsson became interested in Centrex over 10 years ago, when the service was first introduced to Europe, but has not become a significant player in wireline Centrex. Ericsson-made equipment supports over one-half of the world's GSM users, and its G-Nexus has IP access facilities, with a managed IP network between the enterprise and the Centrex node at the network operator's site.

This mobile or fixed access to G-Nexus uses an H. Ericsson's softswitch product, known as the IPT 2. This is illustrated in Figure 2. Figure 2 : Ericsson's IPT 2. Labels: ericsson , ip-centrex , system. Five major telecommunications equipment manufacturers, namely Alcatel, Ericsson, Lucent, Nortel, and Siemens have been able to supply Centrex solutions, based on their respective digital CO systems, for the last decade.

The product descriptions that follow are not intended to be exhaustive but should give a good indication of what systems are available to deliver hybrid and full IP-Centrex from a number of vendors. The hybrid, evolutionary approach extends the life and depreciation time of legacy class 5 switches, but retains proprietary technology in the network and limits the integration of new applications. The softswitch-based, full IP-Centrex, approach can be disruptive for the service provider and its customers.

This approach may also be risky if the softswitch comes from a smaller company that has had time only to develop a limited set of the popular Centrex features. Alcatel includes a Centrex offering on its model central office, but at the time of this writing had not made any announcement regarding IP-Centrex.

SIP Trunking for IP PBX Incapable of Digest Authentication - MR63

Alcatel is not a major vendor of Centrex systems; it has implemented a limited form of Centrex in a few countries and planned for Centrex service with several South American telcos. The company has developed the powerful series of softswitch platforms, of which the is a signaling server and the is designed for off-loading switched data traffic from the voice network to the Internet. The model is a class 5 switch server, with a typical network topology as shown in Figure 1.

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Figure 1 : Network topology with Alcatel softswitch. The softswitch in Figure 3. Labels: alcatel , ip-centrex , system. The arrival of credible IP-Centrex services presents different scenarios to corporate decision-makers, depending on the state of their telecom infrastructures and on the alternative offerings in their marketplace. These situations fall into one or more of three classes: 1.

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Controlled Migration to IP-Centrex. Many organizations will wish to add IP phones to an existing Centrex configuration i.

mihitempjust.tk Two possible reasons for this might be: - To implement a contact center as a managed service; - To extend fully featured, multimedia service to remote or mobile worders. Mobile VoIP 2. Integration 2. Federation 3. Technology Trends 3. VoIP Standards Evolution 3. MGCP 3. Session Initiation Protocol 3. Market Forecasts 4. Demand Analysis 4. Forecast Methodology 4. Vertical Market Dynamics 4.

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