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What is 'deconstruction'? What authors are considered 'postmodern novelists'? The Routledge Companion to Postmodernism combines a series of fourteen in-depth background chapters with a body of A-Z entries to create an authoritative, yet readable guide to the complex world of postmodernism.

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Following full-length articles on postmodernism and philosophy, politics, feminism, lifestyles, television, and other postmodern essentials, readers will find a wide range of alphabetically-organized entries on the people, terms and theories connected with postmodernism, including: Peter Ackroyd; Jean Baudrillard; Chaos Theory; Death of the Author; Desire; Fractals; Michel Foucault; Frankfurt School; Generation X; Minimalism; Poststructuralism; Retro; Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak; and Trans-avant-garde.

Students interested in any aspect of postmodernist thought will find this an indispensable resource. Search all titles. The past several decades have seen an explosion of interest in narrative, with this multifaceted object of inquiry becoming a central concern in a wide range of disciplinary fields and research contexts.

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The 'narrative turn', as it might be called, gained impetus from the development of structuralist theories of narrative in France in the mid to late s. Tzvetan Todorov coined the term 'la narratologie' in to designate what he and other Francophone structuralists e. Greimas conceived of as a science of narrative modeled after the 'pilot-science' of Saussure's structural linguistics.

Noting that narratives can be presented in a variety of formats and genres, structuralists such as Barthes argued explicitly for a cross-disciplinary approach to the analysis of stories -- an approach in which stories can be viewed as supporting a variety of cognitive and communicative activities, from spontaneous conversations and courtroom testimony to visual art, dance, and mythic and literary traditions. In large part, Barthes's call for an interdisciplinary approach to narrative has been answered in the years following the heyday of structuralism.

As accounts of what happened to particular people in particular circumstances and with specific consequences, stories have come to be viewed as a basic human strategy for coming to terms with time, process, and change -- a strategy that contrasts with, but is in no way inferior to, 'scientific' modes of explanation that characterize phenomena as mere instances of general covering laws.

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A cognitive schema and discourse type manifested in both literary and non-literary forms of expression, narrative now falls within the purview of many social-scientific, humanistic, and other disciplines, ranging from sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, communication studies, literary theory, and philosophy, to cognitive and social psychology, anthropology, sociology, media studies, artificial intelligence, and the study of organizations. The result has been an exponential growth of research and teaching activity centering around narrative.

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  • International in scope -- encompassing Continental Europe, Scandinavia, Israel, the United Kingdom, North and South America, and Asian, African, and other nations -- this activity has also spawned interdisciplinary book series e. Scholarship in the field has given rise, as well, to a number of internationally recognized journals in which articles about narrative figure importantly e.

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    It is therefore symptomatic that, in November, , a symposium on 'Narrative Intelligence' sponsored by the American Association of Artificial Intelligence assembled computer scientists, designers of computer games, philosophers, linguists, and theorists of literary narrative. Best of all, it's free. Did you know that since , Biblio has used its profits to build 12 public libraries in rural villages of South America?

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    Encyclopedia of Postmodernism (Routledge World Reference)

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