Ethics in Cyberspace: How Cyberspace May Influence Interpersonal Interaction

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It was supposed to be computer-controlled, allowing you to create interesting shapes and sequences of spaces. It was a merging of organic and technological systems, a new way of structuring the world. And a response that counteracted industrial uniformity. We had this idea that sophisticated software might enable us to mimic the way in which nature creates products — where things that belong to the same family can take different forms. All oak trees are oak trees, but no two oak trees are exactly alike. And then a whole new material — polystyrene foam — arrived on the scene.

It behaved like nature in the sense that it grew when its two component parts were mixed.

Ethical issues in cyberspace

Almost like a fungal growth. This made it an obvious choice for our work in Atelier Cyberspace.

The term "cyberspace" first appeared in fiction in the s in the work of cyberpunk science fiction author William Gibson , first in his short story " Burning Chrome " and later in his novel Neuromancer. The portion of Neuromancer cited in this respect is usually the following: [11].

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A consensual hallucination experienced daily by billions of legitimate operators, in every nation, by children being taught mathematical concepts A graphic representation of data abstracted from the banks of every computer in the human system. Unthinkable complexity. Lines of light ranged in the nonspace of the mind, clusters and constellations of data. Like city lights, receding. Now widely used, the term has since been criticized by Gibson, who commented on the origin of the term in the documentary No Maps for These Territories :.

All I knew about the word "cyberspace" when I coined it, was that it seemed like an effective buzzword. It seemed evocative and essentially meaningless. It was suggestive of something, but had no real semantic meaning, even for me, as I saw it emerge on the page. Don Slater uses a metaphor to define cyberspace, describing the "sense of a social setting that exists purely within a space of representation and communication Author Bruce Sterling , who popularized this meaning, [13] credits John Perry Barlow as the first to use it to refer to "the present-day nexus of computer and telecommunications networks".

Barlow describes it thus in his essay to announce the formation of the Electronic Frontier Foundation note the spatial metaphor in June [14]. In this silent world, all conversation is typed. To enter it, one forsakes both body and place and becomes a thing of words alone. You can see what your neighbors are saying or recently said , but not what either they or their physical surroundings look like. Town meetings are continuous and discussions rage on everything from sexual kinks to depreciation schedules.


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Whether by one telephonic tendril or millions, they are all connected to one another. Collectively, they form what their inhabitants call the Net. It extends across that immense region of electron states, microwaves, magnetic fields, light pulses and thought which sci-fi writer William Gibson named Cyberspace. As Barlow, and the EFF, continued public education efforts to promote the idea of " digital rights ", the term was increasingly used during the Internet boom of the late s.

Although the present-day, loose use of the term "cyberspace" no longer implies or suggests immersion in a virtual reality, current technology allows the integration of a number of capabilities sensors, signals, connections, transmissions, processors, and controllers sufficient to generate a virtual interactive experience that is accessible regardless of a geographic location.

It is for these reasons cyberspace has been described as the ultimate tax haven.


In , Autodesk , an American multinational corporation that focuses on 2D and 3D design software, developed a virtual design system called Cyberspace. Although several definitions of cyberspace can be found both in scientific literature and in official governmental sources, there is no fully agreed official definition yet. According to F. Kramer there are 28 different definitions of the term cyberspace.

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Starr, L. Wentz ed. Cyberspace is a global and dynamic domain subject to constant change characterized by the combined use of electrons and the electromagnetic spectrum, whose purpose is to create, store, modify, exchange, share, and extract, use, eliminate information and disrupt physical resources.

Often, in common parlance and sometimes in commercial language , networks of networks are called the Internet with a lowercase i , while networks between computers are called intranet. Internet with a capital I, in journalistic language sometimes called the Net can be considered a part of the system a. A distinctive and constitutive feature of cyberspace is that no central entity exercises control over all the networks that make up this new domain.

Just as in the real world there is no world government, cyberspace lacks an institutionally predefined hierarchical center. To cyberspace, a domain without a hierarchical ordering principle, we can, therefore, extend the definition of international politics coined by Kenneth Waltz: as being "with no system of law enforceable. On the contrary, cyberspace is characterized by a precise structuring of hierarchies of power. The Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States Department of Defense define cyberspace as one of five interdependent domains, the remaining four being land, air, maritime, and space.