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An introduction to some of the central problems of philosophy. Topics to be discussed include the different theories of reality; the nature and sources of knowledge, truth, evidence, and reason; the justification of belief and knowledge about the universe. These topics and problems will be considered as they arise in the context of issues such as: relativism versus absolutism; the existence of God; personal identity; the nature of the mind and its relation to the body; free will and determinism; the possibility of moral knowledge.

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Students with credit for PHIL may not take this course for further credit. It must seem to you at this moment that you are reading a course outline. But are you really? Are you sure? Perhaps you are having a slightly odd dream. What about other beliefs you have—are they true? For example, you probably believe you have a brain in your skull and that other people do, too.

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  • Is that belief identical to a state of that brain? Or are beliefs non-physical? Could something that lacks a brain like ours have beliefs? What if you are a brain in a vat wired up so as to have experiences as though you were a normal human? You would have be? What if what you think of as other people are all figments of your imagination and you are the only thing that exists? This course is an introduction to philosophy, focusing primarily on issues in epistemology and metaphysics that is, those concerning knowledge and reality respectively. Questions likely to be discussed include some of the following: What is knowledge?

    Do we have knowledge of the external world, and, if so, how do we get it? What is the mind? What is the relationship between the mind and the body? The course is designed with two broad goals in mind. Faculty of Built Environment. Faculty of Engineering. Faculty of Law. Faculty of Medicine. Faculty of Science. UNSW Global. ACCT: Accounting.

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