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The latter of these runner ups was because of the sheer amount of options open to you, something my young brain was overwhelmed and blown away by back in the day. Please note that these options do not replace the character creation method in the core rulebook for Numenera. If you are at all familiar with Numenera , then you will see all the new Foci, Descriptors and racial options and be excited to make some new characters…or grumble and wish some of these had been around when you first started playing the game.

A Second-Tier Glave might take Sense Ambush, which prevents them from ever being surprised by an attack, or they might take Stand Watch, which prevents them from falling asleep or alertness when on guard for up to eight hours. There are a lot of interesting new options to be had. Some players will stick with the old options from the core rulebook, other will want to take exclusively from this new book, but most will probably find some in each they enjoy. With Character Options you know have thirty-six possible General Descriptors. Negative traits make for great roleplaying and even qualities such as these have positive aspects.

Clumsy characters the dumb luck ability and bonuses to breaking things for example. Craven characters are fast and stealthy in addition to fearing physical violence being inflicted upon them. My personal favorite of the new General Descriptors is Perceptive, although Weird and Mad are pretty fun too. There are also now thirteen Location-Based Descriptors. No, Location-Based Descriptors are ones steeped in the culture of a country or region.

These are for characters who have especially strong ties to a certain place and embody the stereotypes of the nation they are a part of. There are some really fun options here, all of which should give a character a ton of potential story seeds — as long as you have a creative GM to play off of them. Racial options gives you four new racial options in addition to the two non-human races found in the core rulebook.

The Golithar are one eyed green plant people.

Numenera RPG - Character Creation! Stats, Effort, Classes, and more!

The Mlox look human, but have a third eye in the middle of their forehead which they can hide. The third eye is actually a mechanical brain, making the Mlox a very unique type of cyborg. Finally we have the Nalurus which are a humanoid race carrying a Medusa-like effect on those that view their face.

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Instead of turning to stone, your brain melts. Now of course, long time Numenera fans will recognize some of these races from previous releases like The Ninth World Bestiary , but this is the first time these have appeared as playable races. One-click unsubscribe later if you don't enjoy the newsletter. Log In with Facebook. Log In I am new here. Remember me. Password forgotten? Click here. Advanced Search.

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The character you envision. New fighting moves for glaives, esoteries for nanos, and tricks of the trade for jacks.

New mutations for mutant characters. Four new racial descriptors including a new visitant type for players who really want to play something weird. New options for advancement beyond the sixth tier. Much more! Customers Who Bought this Title also Purchased. Reviews 4. Please log in to add or reply to comments. I wonder how usable this resource is now with the launch of Destiny and Discovery. Does anyone have info about that?

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  • It has a lot of describtors, foci and some new race options not found in Destiny and Discovery. May 24, am UTC. Anyone else capable of opening the file? I've been downloading and retrying all morning.

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    • Josh J. Great source of new options for your PCs. I bought it largely so my group had more class options when leveling up. Nanos get a lot of buffs. Glaives get a few abilities to round them out.

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      And Jacks get a lot of love with stuff that makes them more [ Alexander L. Connor L. Absolutely packed with great new character options! See All Ratings and Reviews. Browse Categories. Pathfinder Blowout Sale. Rule System.

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