Science and Technology for Development. The Role of U.S. Universities

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Computer Science. Political Science. Social Science. Space Science. Research assistant. Positions are available in different fields of study including arts, architecture, biology, chemistry, economics, Read more Save as favourite. Share this job. MPG is an independent, non-profit research organization, whose goal is to promote top quality research at its institutes. The 86 research institutes of the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft conduct basic research in This is achieved by linking value chain analysis to basic research and technology development.

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The vision is to actively contribute to the move Mid Sweden University is a place where people meet, find inspiration and think innovatively. Our good relations with society ensure Fellows are offered 2-year employment contracts in order to develop applied research projects at The University of Luxembourg is a multilingual, international research university. View all jobs. Explore more articles. By [[ author ]].

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The role of science and technology in future design

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Find jobs by popular fields. Programming Languages Electrical Engineering Software Engineering Machine Learning Molecular Biology Electronics Cell Biology Computational Sciences Artificial Intelligence Mechanical Engineering Materials Engineering Computational Mathematics Algorithms Informatics Applied Mathematics Materials Chemistry Several pharmaceutical companies figure among the top 15 corporations for research spending.

European Commission: Brussels, Table 2.

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Killian , appointed in by President Dwight D. Eisenhower after Sputnik Shock created the urgency for the government to support science and education. President Eisenhower realized then that if Americans were going to continue to be the world leader in scientific, technological and military advances, the government would need to provide support.

After World War II, the US government began to formally provide support for scientific research and to establish the general structure by which science is conducted in the US.


Vannevar Bush was President Roosevelt's science advisor and became one of the most influential science advisors as, in his essay, he pioneered how we decide on science policy today. The creation of the National Science Foundation , although implemented in , was a controversial issue that started as early as , between engineer and science administrator Vannevar Bush and Senator Harley M.

Kilgore D-WV , who was interested in the organization of military research. Senator Kilgore presented a series of bills between to Congress, the one that most resembles the establishment of the NSF, by name, was in , outlining an independent agency whose main focus was to promote peacetime basic and applied research as well as scientific training and education.

Some specifics outlined were that the director would be appointed and the board would be composed of scientists, technical experts and members of the public.

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The government would take ownership of intellectual property developed with federal funding and funding would be distributed based on geographical location, not merit. Although both Bush and Kilgore were in favor of government support of science, they disagreed philosophically on the details of how that support would be carried out. In particular, Bush sided with the board being composed of just scientists with no public insight. It illustrates that these questions about patent rights, social science expectations, the distribution of federal funding geographical or merit , and who scientists or policymakers get to be the administrators are interesting questions that science policy grapples with.

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November Main article: United States patent law. Office of Science and Technology Policy. Retrieved 19 March United States of America. Washington, D.

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