Structure and Flow in Surfactant Solutions

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Surfactant : Why do surfactants make water adsorbable by a dry soil?

The reptation - reaction model yields a non-linear constitutive equation which shows a non-monotonic dependence of stress on strain rate, in simple steady shear. This leads one to expect flow instabilities, and with further assumptions suggests that steady shear-banded flows should arise, in which macroscopic layers of fluid of different shear rates coexist. Several experimental observations support this general picture, although the same instability could instead lead to wall slip, or unsteady flows. This site uses cookies.

Structure and Flow in Surfactant Solutions

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Author affiliations. The results show how small changes in chemical structure or charge may greatly alter the propensity for association with polymers.

Irreversible nanogel formation in surfactant solutions by microporous flow.

This phenomenon illustrates how the accumulation of relatively weak forces that play a role in polymer-micelle interaction may severely change the morphology of the system and thereby the theological characteristics of the solution. Event : Other.

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