Women in Pacific Northwest History

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Women in Pacific Northwest History by Karen J. Blair

The Washington State Constitution, written by 75 delegates in the summer of , ratified by popular vote on October 1 of that year, and approved by President Benjamin Harrison on November 11, This free software allows you to display high-resolution high-quality images on a web site and provides useful tools, such as the ability to zoom in and out, pan, adjust color, etc. When you select a page to display, the software is automatically installed if you are using Internet Explorer on a PC.

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Digital publications from WSDOT, related to roads, highways, and bridges in Washington, dating from the territorial period through the present. The Washington State Digital Archives is the nation's first archives dedicated specifically to the preservation of electronic records from both State and Local agencies that have permanent legal, fiscal or historical value, providing broad public access to both digitized and born digital records of state and local government. Collection of links to images, maps, historical newspapers, and other digital collections with material on Washington State History.

This historical timeline of the Pacific Northwest and Washington Territory starts at and goes to the granting of statehood in , recounting the major political and social events that evolved Washington Territory into Washington State. The official guide book used by visitors to the Century 21 Exposition also known as the Seattle World's Fair held April 21, , to October 21, , in Seattle, Washington. Includes such materials as diaries, journals, letters, articles, promotion literature, and more, covering the period of early exploration in the late s through the transition from territory to statehood.

Pairs archival, black-and-white photographs from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries with full-color modern views to demonstrate how the city of Seattle, Washington, has changed throughout history. Swan; Norman H. Clark Introduction by Call Number: In James Swan turned his back on his wife and two children, a prosperous ship-fitting business, and the polite and predictable world of commerce in Boston and fled to the newly opened gold fields in California. Soon sick of the bonanza society, he emigrated to a shallow harbor called Shoalwater Bay now Willapa Bay north of the Columbia River in Washington Territory.

Swan eagerly became a part of the frontier community, enjoying the company of both the white settlers and friendly Indians in the area.

His account of the western frontier was first published in Swan saw himself as both an observer and participant in a barbaric invasion. Rasmussen Call Number: Presents the first-person accounts of 45 immigrants 28 of them women to the Pacific Northwest in the early years of the 20th century.

The accounts show how the cultures the immigrants had known in the Old World influenced life in the their new home. Photographs from across Washington State, in celebration of the Washington Centennial. Daugherty Call Number: Illustrated text discusses prehistoric man in the Washington area. Tales of the Northwest by William J. Snelling Call Number: Reprint of the ed. Contents: The captive. Klallam, Port Gamble S?

Women in Pacific Northwest History: Revised Edition

Each section relates the tribe's history, its current cultural and political issues, its tribal heritage programs, information about places to visit and suggestions for further reading. Stauss Call Number: Sta. In this comprehensive history of the Jamestown S'kallam tribe, historical and contemporary documents, interviews, storytelling, photographs, and illustrations are used to tell the story of the remarkable success of a small Indian tribe on the Olympic Peninsula. A collection of photographs, artifacts, and recorded firsthand accounts that illustrate the human stories behind the exclusion and internment of Japanese Americans during World War II.

Bainbridge Island was the first community forcibly removed from their homes and incarcerated in the Manzanar Assembly Center in the California desert.


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In Mrs. Baker, of Oakland, Cal. Its constituency at this time was twelve circles and six mission bands—a few of these being in Eastern Washington.

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In Miss Adele M. Fields, of Swatow, China, made a hasty tour of Oregon and Washington, and enlisted many circles in a plan for providing a training school for Chinese women in a part of the Swatow district.

The circle at Seattle in particular gave important aid in this work. Mission work among the Japanese and Chinese at Seattle has resulted in the formation of a church for each of these nationalities, under the auspices of the first. Since Mrs. Latourette has continuously served as corresponding secretary; Mrs. Driggs as president since , and Mrs.

James Failing as recording secretary from to The society was incorporated in In Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho the home and foreign mission work have for the most part gone hand in hand, Union circles pledging support to both causes having been the rule. Miss Allen, general missionary, took charge of the Chinese mission work in Spokane in The general work was also actively prosecuted, nearly every church in the field being enlisted.

Some of the specific work of the women in this field has been the education of one young woman at the training school, the support for a time of the Scandinavian mission at Spokane. Another opportunity for help was given our women about , by Rev.

The need for another home for the children of foreign missionaries, beside those already in Massachusetts and Illinois, had long been apparent. Beaven's proposition was that he and his wife, assisted by his two sisters, should take the initiative in providing such a home if the women's missionary societies on the coast would co-operate. In a large house was built by Mr. Beaven, the women's societies and individual friends assisting in the furnishings.

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Later it, with its grounds, was purchased by the denomination on the coast and placed under the management of a representative committee of fifteen, five to reside near the home.